Saturday, January 8, 2011

Mom Groupon

So, this is definitely not a counseling related post today, but since my blog is also about motherhood, I had to share this new site that caters to moms across the United States. A friend of mine told me about this recently, and as my daughter and I were out running errands today and looking for good shopping deals, I remembered it and can't wait for it to start in Dallas!  It's a lot like Groupon but geared towards moms and women called Juice in the City. Just click here and you can sign up to get daily deals. It's like Daily Candy meets Groupon!

It was founded by 2 moms in San Francisco earlier this year and aims to bring moms what they really want: insanely good deals on fun things to do.  Each day Juice in the City features something great for local moms and women at an incredible price. Sounds like a great deal to me, especially when it comes to helping out moms!


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