Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Mommy Time-Out

So when the going gets tough, the tough takes a break.

When a mom is a stay at home mom, she is with her child all day and sometimes all night long. A full-time job is an understatement.  So when my mom friend told me today that the minute her husband gets home, she hands the kids over to him and goes for a run (a run to Target that is), I told her I completely understood and she couldn't be more healthy for taking these much needed breaks!  She feels the need to get away for just an hour or less to refresh as a mom.

Being a full-time mom is the best thing ever!  But at times, moms need a little break- a Mommy Time-Out.  I've touched on this briefly before in my De-Stress Post, but I thought this idea needed a whole post dedicated to itself :)

But there are other times when moms are alone and get stressed with a colicky baby, or a temper tantrum 3 year old. When that happens, a mommy time-out is when a mom takes a 5 minute break by herself.  Putting her baby in the crib or bouncy chair, or their 3 year old in front of an activity so she can take a breather.

We are better moms when we can take a break and our children thank us for this.  Breaks can be anything from a quick run to the grocery store, going to the gym to de-stress, a girl's night out, a shopping trip to the mall or staying at home and taking a relaxing bath.

My recent break was getting away for an hour to the local coffee shop with my laptop. I felt so alive and refreshed when I got home. I think it also had to do with the fact that I felt like I was back in college studying at the Mojo Coffeehouse and felt 21 all over again!

But sometimes there are full time moms who have spouses with odd work hours like mine has had lately. And getting home after my child's bedtime can be hard work.  Especially when your little ones are not good sleepers and bedtime is a challenge while going at it solo. When spouses work late, as it happens here and there, make sure to communicate your schedules so that Mom can have time in the morning to have her break.

So go ahead and indulge in your Mommy Time Outs!  Don't let your guilty feelings keep you from taking a break, your family and children will thank you.  Do any of you parents out there have good mommy break suggestions?

(Photo credit from Philly Mom's Time Out)


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