Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Amazon Mom

First off, I have to begin this post by stating I am NOT receiving any sort of endorsements, payments, kickbacks or any sort of monetary compensation by discussing my new favorite website on here today: Although they should thank me for this plug!

So, why I am discussing on a counselor mom blog? Well, as a new mom or even a veteran mom, when something makes your life easier, then it makes a mom happy. When mom is happy, their children are happy.  Isn't that our goal as moms, to make our kids happy?

How does Amazon do this? Well, we have all bought merchandise at one time or another online.  And I have said a million times that I would order more online if it wasn't for the shipping charges. Sometimes shipping costs more than the item itself!

But if you join's new service, Amazon Mom, you are automatically enrolled in their PRIME membership for free! Yes, you heard me correctly, free.  What does this mean? You get free 2-day shipping, free. Did I mention it was free?

I love their tag line, "for time crunched parents." Because all parents are time crunched!

I was so excited today when I saw the UPS van pull up in front of my house and I opened my package to find my new soap detergent box.  I ordered it on Sunday and it came in 2 days!

Why am I so excited about soap? Well, I know I am digressing here, but I have chosen to cloth diaper my baby and it requires special soap. I know, I'm crazy, I just couldn't take throwing away so much solid waste after my daughter was born. I think we threw away the equivalent of a landfill after 1 month of having a newborn. But we use the All In One (AIO) diapers where there are no pins, covers or stuffing. The diapers are all in one, just put it on, velcro the tabs and go.  We wash them in our Front Loader every other day, and it's very easy.

But, there are only 2 places in Dallas where we can buy this special soap called Rockin' Green, and driving the 25 miles to buy it can turn into a day trip. So, when I found out Amazon sold this soap online, I was ecstatic.  I didn't have to leave my house and run an errand with my baby, which can be an ordeal sometimes. I was able to order it online, and save money. And as a stay at home mom, saving money is always my goal! AND we use Rockin' Green on all of our clothes, so ordering it online helps with all of my family's laundry!

You can purchase any items with the Amazon Mom membership that are sent from Amazon as the vendor.  This means anything from diapers, wipes and toys to vacuums and lawn mowers. And I love how cheap everything is on I just ordered Toy Story 3 on DVD for 8.99$ and it is selling for 30$ at Walmart.

Just to show you all of the amazing deals they have, here are a few Play Therapy toy items you can purchase on the site:

1) The Playhouse from Ryan's Room Toys. I posted this back during the holiday season as a great longtime toy for kids since it's gender neutral and it can really foster a child's imagination since it doesn't have too many colors, etc. It normally retails for 120$ but Amazon has it for 82$. (photo from

2) My Little Sandbox is sold for 25$, normally 30$. It's a great indoor sandbox for imaginative play, especially for those rainy days. (photo from

3) Melissa and Doug's Puppet Stage is sold on Amazon for 60$ and retails normally for 90$. I love puppets for children as it can really express a lot of different roles while they engage in dramatic play. (photo from

Here Amazon Momis the link to join Amazon Mom.  Now you'll have more time to spend with your children and family. Happy mom=happy family :)


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