Friday, April 15, 2011

1st Birthday Toys

Ever since my daughter turned 11 months old, I have been getting requests for gift ideas from family about what to buy for her 1st birthday.  Of course babies go through toys faster than anything, so I was always one to buy books as gifts for children as they will last a lot longer and double as educational toys too.

But the child development major in me made me research a few other good ideas that are developmentally appropriate.  So if you are looking for your child or as a gift for a friend, here are a few that I have found: (all pics courtesy of Toys R Us)

Moving Toys: Ride-on toys and anything that she can push or pull, such as toy lawnmowers, grocery carts, and doll strollers.  It helps them as they learn to walk and push things and helps develop their motor skills.  The Little Tikes car is a classic, and this one is their 30 year anniversary edition.

Arts: Large crayons or finger paints (nontoxic) so they can start learning about art mediums. These are first time markers for toddlers and easy to hold.

Music: We purchased our daughter a lot of musical instruments at Christmas as she loves them all! She takes Kindermusik classes too and research has shown how music can foster brain development, and creativeness. You can purchase inexpensive, durable instruments (a small drum, a set of maracas, a kazoo, etc.) that will last a long time! This one is made out of wood and is very simple and safe for toddlers.

Sorting, Emptying and filling: Any toy that allows your baby to put things in and take them out. You can give your baby a box or basket with a variety of small toys. Shape-sorters come in all shapes and sizes. Start by showing your baby which shape goes in which hole. Check out these simple blocks here

Manipulating Toys: These toys help with fine-motor skills.  They're toys featuring switches, buttons, pulls, and other gadgets to keep little hands and fingers busy.  This one from Toys R Us teaches how to get dressed.

Pretend Play: Toy kitchens stocked with pretend food,  building sets, doctor kits, etc. All are great hits with babes and are a great way to start building their pretend play collection for years to come!  You can purchase the big items like this one early as they will grow with it:

Or you can start small with plastic food:

Or a doctor's kit:

Can you tell how much I love pretend play?

Water/Splashing: Many toddlers love to play in the tub so it makes sense that they would want to play outside the tub with water. Water is a great sensory medium and they learn pouring, filling, sinking, and floating.  My sister in law recommended a sand/water combo station like this Little Tikes toy:

Any other 12 month birthday gift ideas?


    1. Of course, I love to give books and music. They never end up playing with their toys for very long. I do love the doctor kits and little kitchens with fake food. Kids loves those and they last a long time. That is always the most popular center at preschool.

    2. That is very true! I always love giving books as gifts myself. But toys for dramatic play, art, sensory and manipulatives are always good gifts too and they will play with them forever!