Monday, April 25, 2011

Book recommendations

Have you seen the sweet commercials for the Hallmark recordable books? I saw the one for the Night Before Christmas during the holidays and thought it was so cute. And I was super delighted my daughter received it as a gift from my grandparents for Christmas! It is so sweet we will always have a story recorded by her great-grandparents.

And then the other day I saw that Hallmark had them for other books as well. And not just any books, but the best ever bedtime books!! Goodnight Moon, Guess How Much I Love You, Counting Kisses, and several other all time classics.

I love reading the regular version of these stories each night to my baby and can't wait to purchase the recordable ones for her.  I think it's a great idea for children to have when they want a story read to them and it's a keepsake they will treasure forever.

These are also perfect for your child if they are dealing with separation anxiety and you can't always be there for bedtime.  Or if their daddy is working late and can't be home to tuck them in, they can still hear him read a story :)

And the best way to buy them? You can purchase most of these Hallmark books through Amazon Mom! Free shipping, yay! Click here: Hallmark Guess How Much I Love You~ Recordable Story Book

Side note: I am NOT receiving any reimbursements from Hallmark (I wish!), I just saw a an ad for them today and HAD to discuss how incredibly cute their books are!


  1. I love Goodnight Moon! My child's alltime favorite book. I will have to order this one for sure, thanks for posting!