Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

This year, Mother's day is going to be my very first mother's day!  I am so excited to spend it with my little sweetheart!  My baby girl was born 4 days after mother's day last year and I remember being so big and miserable those last few days.  But looking back, it is so sweet to think that my precious Luna was just a few days from being born, kicking away in my tummy.

When asked what I wanted for Mother's day this year, my first wish was a day at the spa.  Isn't that every mother's dream gift?

But with a high price tag, maybe settling for a mani/pedi, facial or haircut will do.  The last time I had a facial was in my second trimester, so I am much need of one!  Pregnancy did a number on my skin and it just hasn't been the same since. So on the top of my gift list would be a facial for sure, so I can feel a little bit more normal. But there are so many other great gifts out there. Decisions, decisions.

Here are a few other great gift ideas for you, your mom, sister, and all other moms out there that I put together:

1) Initial Charm Necklaces:

These are really popular now and I love the one I got from Sonya Renee after my baby was born. You choose the letter, and the birthstone of your child(ren). It makes it really special to be able to wear something all day long that reminds you of your little one:

Here is another one from Made by Maggie on Etsy a friend of mine has that I love:

2) Don't like necklaces? How about a bracelet with a picture of your children?  This one from planetjill says "I Love You All the Way to The Moon and Back." So sweet!

3) If you still have a baby in diapers at home, I have had on my wish list for awhile this Petunia Pickle Bottom's Cake diaper bag line. It's something you can carry and keep well until your child is in elementary school and beyond, as it's also like a purse AND it has a backpack option. This is something that even a woman who doesn't have kids will love to carry, super stylish.  A little on the pricey side, but they are adorable! You can purchase it on the link above, or on Amazon here: Petunia Pickle Bottom CAKE Society Satchel - Buttercream Cake

4) I am in love with photobooks. Love, love, love them and wish I had several coffee tables to display them.  Shutterfly has some good deals on them from paperback to hardcover, but there are a ton of other companies that make them such as Blurb, and Tiny Prints.  Every mother out there will love getting a book of their little ones or grandkids.

5) Otterbox. Whether you are a new mom, grandmother or Aunt, with children around, you will need an indestructible cell phone case. I am not a fan of the big and bulky ones myself, but after my child was teething and drooling all over my cell phone, she caused water damage and 60$ later in repairs, I figured it was time to get one. She will soon be wanting to play with it more and more and the Otterbox will also prevent your screen from cracking and any water damage(the death of an iPhone).  They come in such cute colors too!  Amazon is offering the Defender series for iPhones at 30$ marked down from 50$ here:
OtterBox Defender Case for iPhone 4 (White/Purple, Fits AT&T iPhone)

6) Pottery keepsakes like from Purple Glaze below.  I am planning on going here on my child's birthday to get a cute handprint done.  Such a sentimental gift and is priceless!

So those are a few gift ideas for moms out there. Of course I am also a sucker for any home-made gift as those are the most special!!  How about you guys, any favorite gifts you've received from your kids?  What do you plan on doing that day?


  1. Petunia Pickle is my all time favorite diaper bag!

  2. They make such cute things!! Hard to resist them :)

  3. It's always hard to pick a birthday present for your loved ones. I am never sure if i should get a serious or quirky type of present. any ideas?