Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Job Market

In today's economy, having a job is a luxury it seems.  Since we are still in a recession, a lot of people continue to be unemployed and are still getting laid off.  I have been fortunate enough to be able to stay at home with my baby while my husband goes off to work each day.  But it is a competitive job market out there, never knowing what is lurking around the corner. Pretty scary stuff.  And being on one income, sure makes our wallets extra tight.

I have always been one to work and pay my own bills since college, so ever since we went down to one income, I have been feeling so, so inadequate. Constantly asking, "where is my biweekly paycheck?" and not seeing it in our bank account. Even if my husband was bringing in billions of dollars a year, I would still feel the need to somehow contribute something.

I have stay at home mom friends who work part time doing photography on the side, contracting as nurses, designing jewelry, selling products such as Mary Kay and I wonder, what can I do part time a few hours a week?

Well, a friend of mine emailed me a contract job that sounded great- one hour a week leading a group therapy session on Tuesday evenings. Wow, so I could do this while my husband was at home watching our child and not need to spend extra money on child care. How amazing would that be?

Great, except that well, it's been, oh, 5 years since I went on a job interview and I even then I was working from home those 5 years before I had my child. Hmm, interviewing clothes?? I will definitely have to dust off my old blazer and find some sort of slack pants that fit my post-maternity body.  And interviewing skills? Yikes!  I will have to practice those top 50 questions all over again.

If I get the job, I have to say it will be super interesting to see how things will be working with children now that I have my own child.  Will I be more sensitive?  How will it affect my relationship with my own child?  I've always wondered what it would be like if I worked full time during the day with children and then had to go home and be a nurturing, caring mom to my children.  I think it takes balance and learning how to switch gears.

It feels so great think I will be back in the field again hopefully.  Crossing my fingers it goes well :)  A little scary as it feels like I don't have much free time in my life between taking care of my baby and my house, so any free time I do have in the evenings is priceless!  I will have to definitely prioritize and practice time management.


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