Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Souper Day

This morning I woke up all nervous about the dreaded job interview. Yikes! I scrambled to find a decent outfit and to get there on time.

But thankfully it all came together and I think the interview went pretty well.  It's not a full time job, just a contract position so it was not too stressful.  The job involves leading a CPS therapy group once a week with children who are either victims of sexual abuse or siblings of the victims. I would love to do this to be able to continue to help children needing this service and to keep my counseling experience going!

The challenge though will be dealing with tough issues now that I have a child myself.  Before I had a child I was desensitized to all kinds of child abuse as I had heard it all before and dealt with it on a daily basis with my clients.  But now, it will definitely take putting my role as a mom on the shelf as I work with other children so I don't counter transfer my own concerns and issues onto these kids.  I know, too technical, but it is something all counselors have to keep in check!  You just can't sit there and imagine these problems happening to your own child, or you will definitely go insane. Of course I am still the most overprotective mom ever because of my job, but hey, better to be safer than the other way around!

So the other half of my day was spent strolling down memory lane and being all nostalgic.  See, my precious baby was born on the 13th of May and I am really really remembering each day that lead up to her birth.

Since we have other plans tomorrow night, we decided to be nostalgic a day early and go out to eat where we spent my last meal before Luna was born- the most awesomeness place ever: Souper Salads. I know, what was I thinking? Well, I didn't know it was going to be my last meal.  I just wanted something healthy to eat and figured a salad would be good. Well, it's more Cici's style salad bar and I realized why I had not been there in 10 years, but it satisfied my craving as a large pregnant woman.

It was fun going out to eat there tonight and sitting at the same table, but this time taking our baby too.  She loved the garlic rolls the most and wasn't going to have anything to do with the healthy stuff.  The peas and carrots ended up on the floor.  But it was still entertaining to watch her eat and seeing how far we had come in the year since we had been there!


  1. What a great idea going back to the last place you ate. Super cute to take your almost 1 yr old too

  2. Thanks! It was fun walking down memory lane :)

  3. It was a lot of fun! I can see this being a tradition each year!

  4. Great idea! My "last" meal was Wing Stop so you did alot better than me with the healthy part! I craved wings and root beer almost the whole duration of my pregnancy so of course that is what I wanted before we went to check into the hospital :)