Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Smile


I just love how babies smile all the time!  They are so innocent, sweet and are loving little creatures.  They giggle non-stop and have such cute little bouts of laughter all day long.  It is so sweet to see the little things that make them smile. Like when they find a little crumb on the floor and just burst into laughter. I wish more of us grown-ups had such happy outlooks on life!

That's why all of us adults just adore babies.  When you are having a bad day, all you need to do is see a little baby and a smile comes across our faces too.  Their ever lasting happiness is super contagious.

While seeing how happy my little girl was today and smiling from ear to ear, I stopped to think that I don't ever want her innocent smiles to end.  I have seen too many kids in therapy who have lost that infectious smile and have taken on too many adult problems at such a young age.  Problems children should not have to endure, but sometimes life just throws you these challenges and as parents we can't always protect them and be there for every bump in the road.

As a parent, I know I will try hard to teach my child how to survive in this harsh world, while at the same time making sure she still laughs and enjoys the little things in life!  I don't ever want her to lose that constant giggle and lust for life.  Just love those smiles :)