Wednesday, June 22, 2011



So I came across this cartoon the other day while reading some fellow blogs (Mama B) and I died laughing.  This cartoon just about sums up my life at the moment.  I have heard so many 'veteran' moms out there tell me that even when your child sleeps through the night, they will still be waking up for different reasons as they get older (sick, nightmares, potty training, etc.).  That a full 8 hours of sleep will be a blessing.

I also found her 10 ten things you used to take for granted to be classic:

1) Going to the bathroom in peace. And alone.

2) Sleeping through the night.

3) Eating hot dinners.

4) Date nights with your husband.

5) Running into the store really quickly.

6) My figure.

7) Clean, wrinkle and spit up free, clothes.

8 ) Quiet time.

9) A spotless house.

10) Watching “grown up” TV and having adult conservations.

I think my husband and I have decided to just give in and have that always messy house, cold early dinners and 'free time'. I for one have given up and realized I am always going to have that ever lasting flab of a figure :)  These little things are our battle scars for having children but it is so worth it!


  1. Hilarious! That cartoon had me cracking up, so totally true.