Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mommy and Me

Don't you just love the quality time you have with your child, whether you are a SAHM or a working mom, quality mommy and me time is priceless.  That's why I signed up for Kindermusik last semester.  I looked forward to our little class each week and really enjoyed watching her learn and grow in them.

This summer we signed up for a few other mommy and me classes as well. We started swim lessons at the YMCA this week and she is loving being in the water and splashing around!

We also signed up for an art class next week for babies called Scribbles and Dribbles.  Art for babies? They have to start learning how to express themselves at some point, right? I am picturing a lot of finger painting and play-dough.  The more babies and children can release themselves creatively, the more their self esteem increases and the more they can release any frustrations, anxieties and baby stress.  Yep, you heard correctly, baby stress.  Growing at such a fast rate is sure stressful and they need a good outlet to let it all out!

I am so excited to participate in these classes and be a part of her growth!  Because one day very soon she will be in school all day long, and I won't be able to participate like I am now. Sad. I have to cherish these moments while she is young.  Just not fair how fast they grow up.

I realize she won't remember these classes, even though she is gaining a lot from them.  She will just have to watch them on video and see the pictures we took, so she can see how much fun she had. And then one day when she is a teenager screaming at me and being snotty, pulling out these pictures will bring me back to peaceful days and remind her that yes, back in the day she loved spending time with me and we had a great bonding experience. Awh.

And I just know that she is gaining a special attachment bonding experience from these classes.  Or whatever you want to call it.  I just know they have caused a warm fuzzy feeling in her (and me) that will carry with her throughout her life :)


  1. I love mommy and me classes, my child adores them too!

  2. I know, aren't they fun?? I just love doing these activities with my child and look forward to doing many more throughout the years