Friday, July 8, 2011

Casey Anthony

I know what you're thinking, no more talk about the Casey Anthony case, please! But so many people have asked my opinion on the matter and all I have to say about it is this:

I did not watch the trial this year and every time it came on the news I turned it off.

Yep, as a new mom, I just did not want to hear about such a sad story. I don't know all of the details but all I know is that A) a poor little girl is no longer living and B) somebody killed her.

With my years of experience as a child counselor and working in non-profits, I have come across a lot of dysfunctional families.  All I can do for them is help the child and help the parent that has cared enough to get their child the help that they need.  You have to desensitize yourself to the dysfunction and meet them 'where they are at' at the moment.  Dysfunction breeds dysfunction.  Sigh.  That is why counseling is so important, it can really make a difference for a child and their family.

I currently work for CPS (child protective services) now once a week, and it's hard seeing some of the things these poor children have to endure.  CPS as a system is trying, but it is still a system that needs a lot of fixing.  Kids slip through the cracks all the time and it seems this poor Casey child was one of them from what I have been told.

I hate children being taken away from their mothers but when they come from such uncaring and hurtful parents, then I LOVE the policy where CPS comes in to the delivery room and takes the newborn away from that mother. It's as if they are saying, "Oh, I'm sorry, you did what drugs while you were pregnant?"  And, "you 'failed to protect' your previous kids from sexual abuse, neglect and physical abuse, well then, we are sorry, no more kids for you!"  Especially, not if the minute they are born they are discharged from the hospital and taken back to their home, aka the Crack House.

How about all you out there, opinions on the court case???


  1. I agree, so tired of hearing about this case. But I am not sure what happened to her. They said she drowned accidentally? then why was there duct tape over her mouth?