Monday, August 15, 2011

Sick Mom

As moms, we have helped our babies through their sicknesses since they were born. For my child, her illnesses have been pretty mild so far with just 2 fever viruses.  I have nursed the little thing by taking her temperature constantly, making sure she was comfortable, giving her medications every 6 hours, applying cool washcloths and the best remedy of them all, giving her hugs and snuggles.  I HATE seeing my little girl sick, and will do what I can to make her feel better.

But this time around, I was the one that got sick :(  This was the first time I was truly sick and not able to take care of my little girl.  I was stricken with the 24 hour stomach bug (well, really 48 hours because I was super weak the whole next day too).

I thought it was going to be just a mild case and because I ate too much that night at a friend's birthday party. But no, not so much.  I had not been this sick in over 6 years.
I will spare you the details but let's just say the bedside trashcan became my best friend.  And how horrible is it that you are feeling so dehydrated and can not even keep down water?  And nursing a fever. No fun!

I immediately called my mother to come over and help because I did not want my husband to have to take care of our toddler, take care of the house AND take care of me.  I felt so helpless.  Thank goodness my mom was there to help because my husband also had to go into work for the afternoon.

Getting this sick has always worried me now that I have a child.  As a mom, you worry about who you can call to come and help and what they can do. I was down for the count, could not get out of bed, could not even sit up.  Even watching TV was making me dizzy. So needless to say I had no time to blog or even get on the computer.

I have to hand it to the single moms out there who are alone and are doing it all on their own.  I am so thankful I have family here to help and a wonderful husband.  They really stepped in and saved the day.  Not being able to just get up and tell them something or show them how to do something with Luna was hard, but they did a great job! I'm now seeing how it will be whenever I have a second child, at home from the hospital and not able to get up and do much the first few days.  Postpartum doula?

And since I am still breastfeeding, I knew I had to feed my poor child, especially because they say that your body will produce antibodies to fight the infection for your child, so she in turn will not get the illness.  So my mother had to bring her to my bed and I nursed her laying down on her side like I used to when she was a newborn.  I hated that it was my only interaction with her all day, as I missed being with her and playing with her :(

I started thinking of all the little things I could not do while sick, like rocking my child to sleep in the rocking chair.  It made me really appreciate my health!  I realized how much I take for granted and need to cherish being healthy and these priceless moments I have with my child.

All I have to say is that I hope my poor baby (and family) don't get sick as I don't wish it on anyone.

Now that I am getting my strength back, the dishes and laundry are calling my name. Oh and another thing, why there are so many drug store remedies for colds, fevers and flu and NOTHING for nausea?  I was nauseous for 12 hours straight, and nothing I took made it go away.  It's 2011, there has to be something over the counter by now!  Just a thought.

How about you? What have you done to help your family if you are on bed rest, had surgery or too sick?  Any suggestions?


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