Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today brought back so many memories as I watched the footage on the news.  It was so heartfelt watching the memorial and so sad. Even watching the children grown up talking about the parents they had lost, I had to get up and go get some coffee or I was going to lose it with tears coming down.

I was in the tail end of my graduate school studies when 9/11 happened.  I worked in the mornings in downtown Austin at a financial firm (yes, not counseling related but it paid my bills! It was a part time job from 8-12pm, then I would go to my next job as a nanny, then would do my internship with children after 5pm).  I remember hearing that a Tower had been hit while at work, and we all turned on the news and watched the Today Show. We then all decided to shut down and head home, in complete shock! I called my family and was glad we were all safe because at the time, we had no idea if there were going to be more attacks or not.

This is the footage I will never forget as the events unfolded (skip ahead to the part where Matt and Katie first hear what happens). It's chilling to watch them see the second Tower get hit right before their eyes. Show


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