Monday, September 19, 2011

Grocery Cart Cover Review

So remember me complaining (here) about the shocking new data I learned about on how many germs lurk on grocery carts and high chairs?  You know, that there are more e. coli germs on them than a public toilet? Eek.  That 72% of carts researchers tested had fecal bacteria on them. So guess what?  Now I don't go anywhere without my grocery cart cover!

Well, today as I strapped my daughter into her grocery cart, the strap that attaches my cover to the grocery cart broke.  Sigh.  So I had to loosen it to make it longer and tied it around her waste as best I could.

As we entered the store- Central Market to be exact, and yes it was Moo Monday, 3 half gallons of organic milk for 6$- we went to the front of the store to get her usual free balloon and my cup of coffee.  As the woman was helping me tie it to the cart, she told me they just got in these new grocery cart covers that are extra thin.

A cover for 9.99$! I told her it must be a sign because I just broke ours.  So I grabbed a new one off the shelf, all happy with my new purchase.  But not so happy that my other one I had only been using for like 8 months had just broke- it was a baby shower gift, but I know it was not 9.99$, more like 59.99$.

This new one is waterproof and is by the brand Green Sprouts.  It folds up neatly into a little matching bag:
To purchase one, click on: Amazon, green sprouts Shopping Cart Cover, Green

Look at the size difference between my before and afters:

Of course I am in no way whatsoever being compensated for this product review (I wish)! It's just one mom recommendation to another, hoping that I can pass on any great finds to you guys.  As a mom, I LOVE getting new ideas and tips to make my life easier, and cheaper, and this find was definitely one of them :)


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