Thursday, September 15, 2011

MDO, Part II

Today was my now 16 month old's second day of Mother's Day Out.  As you remember I was freaked out last week dropping her off, thinking I was going to get a call on my cell phone to come back and get her. After all, it was her first time EVER to be left alone in a strange place without me.  And she's only been babysat at her home with my mother or sister watching her. No strangers.

So today I wasn't as afraid to drop her off, BUT I was scared she would just 'know' this was the "bad place that mommy brings me and doesn't come back for a few hours". Because to a 16 month old, 3 hours is like 3 days!  I dropped her off and no tears.  Yay!  But I still picked her up early before nap.  They had taken her to the office before naptime so she did not disturb her friends trying to fall asleep.  When I picked her up, she reached for me and cried for a second.  I think the cry was a cry of relief.  She clung to me and her paci, the rest of the day.

As much as I would still rather have her at home with me during this short time in her life of being at home, I have realized she needs to learn to be away from me for a little while.  Little by little she is going to have to get used to life without her 'mommy.'  I think that's one of the hardest parts of a being a mom- letting go.  I love the snugs, and cuddles with her and could hug her all day, but I know she needs to learn her independence.

Especially the whole attachment issue, like I discussed here.  Attachment is so important, so it takes balancing it all out and making sure they are securely attached to you, but at the same time


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