Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mommy Lesson


I was reading this quote from one of my toddler books today and it really, really made me think:

"Parents are increasingly challenged to be flexible in guiding toddlers through the transition between babyhood and childhood."

Seems like tantrums and high frustrations are one of the hardest parts for children going from infancy into toddlerhood.  And the hardest on the parents :) That's why they call them the Terrible 2's right? But I've heard their meltdowns really start much earlier than that, more like around 12 months and can continue well into the grade school years.

I think sometimes as parents, we increase our expectations of our children like how we really want them to learn how to share, and use gentle touches, and not throw things, etc.  Or like me, how no matter how many times I tell her that the dog food is not for playing with, she keeps going back and back, and back to the doggy bowl!

And when my little peanut does not get what she wants, like a sip of my coffee, she gets so upset and lays on the ground, sometimes rolls on the ground!  So I usually validate her feelings, "oh sweetie, I see how mad you are, and I know how much fun it would be to have that, but it's not something you can play with right now, here...take this toy instead."

But it still gets tiring saying this over and over again!

So as I read the quote above, it gave me a new perspective on my interactions with my little one.  My child is still learning. Learning how the world works, what is good, what is bad.  What a dog is, what a cat is.  She is learning to talk, and taking EVERYTHING in.

She went from a newborn to a toddler in a year.  Just 12 months!  She was nestled in my tummy 16 months ago, and now? She is walking and talking. All I have to say is UNBELIEVABLE.

So with that said, when I get frustrated that my little angel once again is trying to swat at our dog, and I tell her soft touches (for the 45th time), I stop and think to myself:  remember, my sweet child is still learning about the world, and is in that awkward stage between babyhood and childhood!

It can be a rocky road for her and us as parents, but she can't help it.  As parents our job right now is to guide her to be safe, teach her about the world, protect her, and most of all: making her laugh!!




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