Tuesday, October 25, 2011

iPhone Toy Review

I know, I have not been posting a whole lot lately.  My life as a mom has basically been pretty even keel except for my child's separation anxiety.  She has been over the top with it lately, and I think I have posted about that topic a little much so I don't have anything else to say about it- other than it's a phase, as long as we are consistent and let her know mommy is coming back (and confirm it when I do come back), and don't sneak out (that teaches them to be more anxious because all of a sudden, mom has disappeared!!).  Consistency and routines are best.

So, on another note, I will let you guys know about an awesome new toy invention that Fisher Price came up with for our butterfinger toddlers to play with our smartphones.  It's from their Laugh and Learn line and is called the Apptivity Case (order it here Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case).  And my friends over at Time to Play were nice enough to send one to me!!  So excited!

FINALLY! A case where your child can hit the 'home' button on your iPhone over and over again and NOTHING will happen. Yay!

See, I have the indestructible Otter Box case that I had to purchase when my child was 6 months old and wanting to drool all over it.  It basically makes it safe to drop and not shatter the screen and my child's drool won't cause any more water damage. It's a huge bulky case, but it does the trick, EXCEPT when she is learning her animal sounds on Peek a Boo Farm, she keeps hitting the home button and cries out in frustration when her game has ended.

So when this Apptivity case came along, promising to protect the home screen, I was super excited to try it out.  But first, you have to take your phone out of its existing case which is not that easy to do with my Otter Box.  So I decided the best thing to do is use this new Fisher Price case when you really want to entertain your child such as on a car trip, or at the grocery store during a melt down.  Because switching it back and forth between the two is kind of time consuming, sigh.

To start using the new case, you take your naked phone and make sure the app you want is open and running, then put it into its protective box.  Not that easy to do though, because you need a coin shape to twist open the compartment (which has a fun mirror on this side to entertain your child too).

But once you open it, just place it in the rubber holder, close it shut and then place the holder inside the case and lock it back in place.

Then you are ready to go!  Your child can maneuver through the apps and games as they usually do but can't push the home button!  And it has cute little handle bars with sliding toys on it to entertain them too.  Oh, and if the phone rings while it's in there, you can still answer it, but you have to use the speaker option.

Overall, it's a great invention, but ideally, the best invention ever would be to have an Otter Box case that you can turn off and on the home button. THEN it would solve all the problems in one and you would not have to keep switching out a case :)  Until then.....


  1. Great idea, had not seen this yet. My baby is constantly trying to get my iphone so I think I will purchase one, it will hopefully save me and her some tantrums.