Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!  I hope everyone had a nice day with their loved ones.  I know we did.  And since it is also a day of sweets and candy, I of course let my child have a few more sugary items today.  I caved in and did not stick to my 'be consistent' in limit settings that I try to do every day.  It kind of went like this:

"cupcake, cupcake!"

Me: "Okay, you can split a cupcake with mommy"

"Cupcake, cupcake"

Me: "I know you want another cupcake, but you just had one."

Tears, meltdown, throws self on floor

Me: "Okay, we can have another one, but just today because it's Valentine's day"

I gave in, what can I say?  It is hard, even on non-holidays to always stick to your guns, especially in public.  The public pleas are going to take a lot of practice, in being able to say no and not let it bother you that people are staring, and a lot of having to just leave a store if needed.

Oh well, as I have said before, I may have an LPC after my name but that doesn't mean I don't make mistakes either :)



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