Thursday, May 17, 2012


Again, I have to apologize for not posting in awhile.  Baby Girl #2 is almost here, and I have been running around trying to get everything done.  Nesting big time.  But it's made me think with all of my planning, ordering things for the nursery and getting errands done, that I have been connected to my computer and iPhone more than usual these days.

It hit me today though that maybe I should really put up the communication devices and give my toddler my undivided attention, since it will be a family of 4 soon and not as much mommy and me time.

I am usually pretty good about not having my iPhone around when my child and I are playing, and I can't email or check things on my laptop because my child wants it and starts typing on it, or wanting to play with it.  A major sign I shouldn't have it out in the first place.  This is why I stay up later at night just to get things done.

But today, I was checking my Ebay status on an auction item I was bidding on for a stroller accessory, and my toddler came over and shut my lap top. Uh-oh.  Yep, that is a big clue that I am a little more connected to technology than I should.

When I used to nanny for kids, it was before texting phones were popular and not many people were emailing all day long. There was no Facebook or Myspace either.  I would go and babysit and give my undivided attention to the child and if someone needed to reach me, it was on my home phone. I could check my Voicemails from their landline while the child napped, if needed but not very often.

I got my first texting phone in 2007 and then my iPhone in 2009.  I also got my first lap top in 2008.  So, my point? It really was not that long ago that things in my life were so accessible.  AND, the whole 'push notifications' on your smart phones makes things more quick than ever to get an alert.

And as a mom, and soon to be mom of a newborn, I want to teach my children that life does not revolve around phones and computers as much as possible.  I miss the days of not being accessible to things and not having to give an answer back to someone immediately.  Remember those days?  It was not that long ago.

And when my mother comes over to visit my child, her cell phone is always ringing and the texting alert is going off.  She turns it off since she is there to see her grandchild and to give her that attention, but it makes you realize how much people try to reach you and expect a reply quickly.  What did people do before cell phones?  Or computers?

I know, ironic because I am blogging and at my computer now, but my child is fast asleep.  My goal after the new baby is to be less connected and more in touch with my children. I may be a little late and delayed getting back to you, but it might be because my child is wanting to play :)




  1. Outstanding post!! Wish all moms felt the way you do, kudos go you!