Saturday, August 4, 2012

Don't Rush It

Dear my precious little daughters,

Please do not grow up too fast, I want to capture every day and every moment as slowly as possible.  You are growing up right before my eyes!

Sorry to disappoint you readers but I don't have any good mommy wisdom, advice or tips today.  Just a blog post to vent about how quickly babies grow.  Maybe that's why I waited awhile to have kids, because I knew how fast that cute childhood innocence stage goes by and I just didn't want to start it too soon just to have it end even sooner.

I have been so lucky to stay home with my baby girls and super thankful to my husband for that.  While my first born is still only 2 years and 2 months old, I am now realizing how she is no longer super dependent on me and is becoming her own person.  It's super cute, but also hard as I realized very soon that she will be too old for the 'mommy and me' classes.  She will soon be taking her first ballet and tap classes where she, gasps, goes alone!

I want my children to grow and become independent and strong, but it's just hard to sometimes let that baby phase go.

Soon they will be spending the night at friend's homes, going off to 5 days a week school, and camps.  Then the next thing you know they will be driving and off to college. Okay, one day at a time, I know.

I try not to be too overprotective, but working as a child counselor, you hear stories of things that you don't wish on any child, let alone your own.  Things from just kids being mean to abuse issues.  And me working once a week as a sexual abuse counselor for young girl victims does not help.  It makes me not want to ever let my child spend the night at someone's house or go off to camp.

So please, give me the courage to let me child grow and have strength when she gets to the age where school girls can be mean and feelings can get hurt and I can't protect her.  Help me get through the age where they start to drive and I stay up late worrying about them.  Please help my children know what to do when they encounter drugs, drinking and driving, and everything boy related.  That they will survive the struggles of high school and go off to college.  That they will get through college, find happiness and marry someone they love and start the next generation of babies.  Okay, I am getting ahead of myself I know.  Maybe I should take my own advice and take 'baby steps' and focus on raising an independent toddler, so she will be able to survive in this crazy world and be able to make smart decisions without me there.  Hmm, great idea for my next post??





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