Friday, August 17, 2012

Favorite Play Therapy Toy


There are a lot of toys we use in play therapy and a lot of favorites, but recently I've noticed how much of a hit the Doctor Kit has been (and with my daughter at home too). This week during my play therapy group session, the girls were basically fighting over using the Doctor Kit. It has been one of their favorite toys to use in session and they love taking turns using it on me. By the end of group, I have had 35 shots, 10 blood pressure readings and my heart listened to oh, maybe 15 times :) It has always been a huge favorite in play therapy sessions since I've been a therapist!

Fisher-Price Medical Kit on Amazon for 12.79$

And this past Christmas, I had bought my daughter one in pink: Fisher Price Medical Kit Pink  Isn't it cute?

My child LOVES this kit and has played with it almost every day since she got it.  She loves using the 'boom boom' to listen to my heartbeat, and loves looking in my eyes and ears.  She also uses it on her dolls and stuffed animals and it's so cute to watch!  The thermometer shows happy or sad faces, so it teaches feelings too as an extra bonus.

So why do children love this so much and what do we use it for in play therapy?  Well in our therapy sessions, we don't analyze each and every toy, but we look for themes.  Because a doctor kit is sometimes just a doctor kit.  But usually it can be a theme of 'nurturing' or 'control'.  Especially for those kids who have no control in their lives, it helps them gain some sort of power and control in the session by using it on me or another object in the room.

And it's great for dramatic (pretend) play.  All kids have been to the doctor, and it helps them recreate the interactions they have had there, or even the hospital or ER.  I know my child loves to use it on me and pretend she is her new favorite TV show character, Doc McStuffins!



  1. Thanks for posting! I bought this for my son and he loves it. He has me lay down on the sofa and pretends he is a doctor and loves checking my ears, so fun.

  2. Is a 4-year old too old for a doctor's kit?