Tuesday, September 11, 2012

One More

Okay, so I am still debating about those monthly subscriptions I posted about here.  AND I just came across a new one that I am adding to the list and thought I would share with you, in case you were trying to decide too :)

It's called Little Pnuts and runs 25.00$ a month.  It's geared for children aged 0-5 and it comes with a box filled with 3-5 age-appropriate toys.  They claim to be the best in sustainably made, ecologically friendly, organic, and naturally made toys. They don’t offer battery operated toys, nor, the traditional big brand market toy.

Super cute!  Sigh.  Which one do I go with?  Decision, decisions.

I also recently got rid of my phone land line and was super happy to be saving my family 30$ a month, yay! Only to come across these monthly subscriptions that I CAN NOT resist.  So if I get one, it's putting the 30$ to good use now right?  I mean, our phone line was only being used by telemarketers anyway :)



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