Thursday, October 4, 2012

Blog Changes

Sorry to disappoint but this isn't a post about counseling, my children, your children or anything mom related, but a post about blogging.  I am having to decide what to do about hosting my blog and if I will go forward with Wordpress or move it to another site.

It's just amazing to me that the world of blogging has become so huge.  Just a few years ago there were just a handful I would read, but now I have a whole list and it's hard to keep up with them all.  I started a personal blog when I first got married awhile back, about our travels and new life together.  I thought it was fun using my Mac's blog options, but then realized that I had to subscribe to Apple's web hosting and it was pricey.  So I moved it over to a free hosting site called Weebly.  My personal blog has become more about our children and is mostly for family and friends who don't live nearby to see what our little girls have been up to.  It's pretty weak and mostly just pictures, but I figure since it's such a small audience, it doesn't really matter.

But for this thecounselormom blog, I have been using which for those that don't know,  is a HUGE web hosting platform.  There is which is a lot like blogger and does it all for you, but allows you to basically design it the way you want and place ads on it.  But since I am not an HTML guru and have no idea what I am doing, I've been thinking of moving my entire blog over to a new self serve blog service, like blogger or  And the best part about it is that they are FREE!  And less complicated and you don't have to get a company to host it.

Most big blogs out there are like Pioneer Woman, and Younghouselove and since I am not that fancy and not that popular, I am thinking it's time to make the move.

Do any of you have opinions on blog platforms, preferences?  Blogger vs


  1. I use blogger and love it. So easy to add things to it and cute templates.