Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

I LOVE Halloween!  I love the decorations, the fun costumes, the cute children's books and movies.  And of course all of the Halloween candy.  This year was my baby's first Halloween and my toddler's first one where she really gets it and can actually say, "trick or treat!"

I love the picture above, how it captures a day in the life of the counselor mom right now.  A little chaotic and nothing perfect by any means.  Can't get my toddler to ever look at the camera, and my poor baby can't even sit up yet and we won't dare take the paci out of her mouth.

We were lucky to have my family volunteer to watch our baby so we could take Luna trick or treating with her friends, but we got a call that Belle was crying frantically, so my husband went back to get her and this is how our trick or treating ended up, with baby happy next to her momma and Luna strolling down the street.

We had so much fun!!  Luna did not want the night to end.  I can't wait for next year with both girls walking from house to house!  The holidays are going to be so much fun with these two!


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