Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching and am I the only one that still thinks, "oh yeah, that's me!?  I'm a mom!"  I still sometimes can't believe I am a mother now.  Plus I have to admit that it's been a big busy year adjusting to 2 children under 3 years old, and I am secretly celebrating that I have survived :)  I also still celebrate the holiday with my mom and my grandmother, so it's a big day in our family!

I also selfishly look forward to the 'letting-mommy-sleep-in' alone time.  Afterall, my full time job is getting up early every morning with my girls and taking care of them all day long, which I wouldn't trade for the world, but it's nice to have a little 'me' time too :)

But seriously, this holiday is one I cherish so much and makes me so unbelievably grateful to have such wonderful little girls. One of them is about to turn 3 on May 13th and the other will be 1 on May 23rd. I get super sentimental around them getting so big... sigh... To really relish in the moment of being a mom at this time of year, I love to read books about mommies and babies to them.

One of my all time faves is called Mommy's Best Kisses (6.99$)

It's a super sweet book to read before bedtime about mommy animals kissing their babies to sleep from their heads to their toes, and then at the end a human mommy kissing her little one to sleep.  It's so precious and fun to read to my girls!

I also ordered off Amazon last week, The Night Before Mother's Day (2.26$)

It's a really cute story about 2 kids getting ready for mother's day with their dad, making her a cake, bringing her flowers and it rhymes with the real Night Before Christmas story.  My 3 year old asks to read it each night and begs me to let her take it to bed with her!

And of course there's the classic,  Love You Forever (4.99$)

I'm sure all of you have this book, but if not and you've been hiding under a rock, then you have GOT to get this classic!  When I first started reading it to my infant, I would get all teary eyed.  Of course she was too small to understand what I was reading to her, and was probably wondering what the heck I was so moved by.  But it is such a great story of a love a mother has for their child.  The last few pages still get me! I think it's a perfect Mother's Day gift for an adult to give their own mom too.

So there are my top 3 books!  Sorry to disappoint in not posting about great Mother's Day arts and crafts ideas or special bonding ideas for your littles.  I am sure there are a ton of those on Pinterest.  For me, I like to savor these short lived moments when my daughters are so young and you can still cuddle and hug on them in a rocking chair, while reading sweet stories to them.

Happy Mother's Day everyone!


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