Sunday, August 11, 2013

Crazy Week

My week has been a little crazy to say the least.  So I don't have a great, a-ha, super-amazing post.  Just a little "my life as a mom has been a little trying" or is that every week?  I should say so with having 2 kids 3 and under.  The preschool, baby/toddler years are not easy, especially when you spend the summer without any mom's day outs or daycares and stay at home.

Anywho, so instead of a great review of a product, mom tips or counseling stuff, I have come up with my 5 Top Crazy Moments of the week.  Happy reading!

#1) Taking Your Kids to the Doctor:

When you take your little ones to the doctor, why is it so hard and crazy?

For one, when I call for a sick appointment, the times offered always seem to come around nap time, or I am having to wake one child up from the nap to go, so we are running late.  Once we arrive, I am getting out of the car in the hot sun and have to put one in a stroller to keep her strapped in.  You also have to leave them in the stroller on the sidewalk for passer bys to stop and ask outloud, 'who's child is this?' Hello, do you not see me standing 4 feet from my child, who I chose to put in the shade up on the sidewalk? and I reply, "yes, I am the parent, but see, I only have 2 hands to get out 2 children, and unfortunately that means I can not get out both at the SAME TIME." Give me a break already.  She obviously does not have children.

So we get into the office, pay the ridiculous co-pay and then wait for our turn. We get called back, vitals taken, then wait for the Dr. to come in. A-hem..with a baby, 5 minutes of waiting feels like 1.long. hour. They squirm and want out of the stroller wanting to crawl/walk on the floor and find every germ imaginable.  Crying and squealing, and then after offering every snack, sippy cup, book, and iPhone app imaginable, the Dr. finally comes in.  Spends a few minutes, diagnosis them and then you are off to go back home.  Kids back in hot car, 3 year old crying the car is too hot, baby sweating, and crying on the car ride home because she is still tired from waking up from her nap.  Fun afternoon!

And multiply all of the above X 3 and that was my week. Dr. appointment on Monday, After hours kid clinic on Sunday with fever baby, After hours clinic on Monday with 3 year old and back to Dr. office on Wednesday with fever baby.

#2) Sick child turns into sick child #2:

Ear infected baby was put on antibiotics.  Then my preschooler woke up from her nap the next day with crusty red eyes, taken to after hours pediatric center and surprise surprise, had pink eye.  Then my constant ear infected baby, being sick then turned into "why does she have a fever, she never has a fever with an ear infection?"  103 degrees, turned into 105.5 and several baths to get it down, after hours call to our doctor at 12am, then getting meds from our sweet neighbor, it finally came down to 103!  Diagnosed now with Roseola.  She had fever the next day, then the next again at 104, back to the doctor and it finally broke that night to 98.

Sigh, it had not been 98.7 in 4 days :(

Have I mentioned how scary and exhausting it is to have a high fever child at night?  You are up every hour checking on them, making sure it hasn't reached the 108 mark which means brain damage and praying the fever breaks.  By 7am, you don't even know what day it is anymore.

#3) Staying inside for 4 days:

You haven't experienced crazy until you have to stay inside for 4 days with 2 small little pumpkins.  As cute as they can be, you can only entertain them for so long with movies, crafts, toys and baking. It's constant, "it's mine!"  "I had it first!"  By the time my husband got home, I was making a beeline for a shower, a glass of wine and gossip magazines in hand or anything else that doesn't require thinking. Last night I laid down on the sofa at 8pm and didn't get back up.  I am sure my kids were going nuts too, bless their little hearts.  What did moms used to do in the hot summers before TV was invented?

#4) Car Oil

Low Oil level light comes on, no time to take into car shop, area convenience stores don't sell 5W30 synthetic oil.  Hoping my engine doesn't burn out.  Waiting on free time to run to Target (remember when you had a bunch of free time to go anywhere before you had kids?  Or better yet, what did you do with all your free time after work and on the weekends?)  Oil change appointment on Monday.  Husband is away on poker lake house trip and college football draft party.  Thank goodness for family is all I have to say :)

#5) Sleep issues

My life now revolves around naps and sleep.  Errands are based on nap times, and dinners and going out to eat are based on bed times.  And my sleep is a daily subject, or lack thereof.  A lot of conversations with my mom friends are about sleep, "is your child down to 1 nap a day? Does she nap anymore?"

So during this crazy week, my preschooler decided not to take a nap one day and is now in the phase of wanting 101 things to avoid going to sleep: needing water, milk, going potty, wanting a book, a better nightlight, I need a new pillow, I want my mom, my dad, I need a cookie, etc you name it, she asks for it via the audio monitor.  And our relaxing evenings turned into not so much until about 9:30pm.

And our baby? Being sick caused her to not sleep well, and her naps were all over the place. Taking a long one on one day, not taking any at all the next and then yesterday slept for 20 minutes total.

I am hoping we are through the clear now and can't wait for next week already.  :)


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