Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Christmas is Coming...

Are you as stressed as I am about the upcoming holidays? I think it's because I always overcommit to stuff.  Toys, parties, school functions.  For instance in the next 7 days, I have my husband's work Christmas parties, a few moms group parties, and a few kid Christmas parties!  And then for the rest of the season there is all of the other kid fun stuff like looking at lights, seeing Santa, going to Church activities and then of course, the best day ever, Christmas Day which there is nothing like seeing my kids expressions when they run into the room and see what presents Santa brought. And then the joy of all the family getting together to celebrate....  Whew!

Yes, it can bring on stress but I really try to relish everyone being in the holiday spirit, everyone in a good mood, spreading the love. And I love decorating my house this time of year. My kids sipping hot chocolate as we put up the tree, sing songs and watch Christmas movies.

Speaking of decorating, I ran across this ad for Christmas decorating and thought to myself, gee, that would go over real well in my toddler filled home. Can you imagine my 18 month old in this room? She'd have a field day.  Her hand would be burned, the vases knocked over, ornaments thrown on the floor and glass would be in tiny pieces all over the nice animal rug on the floor.  And those white walls? Ha, they'd have dirty handprints all over them.  But one day maybe I can decorate normal again....yeah, in maybe 10 years.

How do you de-stress from the holidays?  

Something I've learned is that I think it takes making a balance between going and doing all of the fun things and taking a break.  It's easy to get caught up in all of the fun and wanting to go to the parties and events.  AND wanting to participate in your children's school activities and parties.  So whenever a party invitation or event comes across my way, I have to stop and decide "Is this something I NEED to do, or will my life be a little easier if I skip this?"  

And as far as the buying, thank goodness for Amazon.  Makes my life soo much easier.  I am all for local businesses, and when I have time I try to shop at them, but with littles at home, online is the way to go for now.  

We also try to explain to our kids the true meaning of Christmas so they don't get all wrapped up in gifts and toys.  There are always non-profit agencies in towns and I try to pick one to donate things to and explain to my children about the season of giving.

Also, to make things a little less stressful, we draw names in my extended family and now we have all agreed to only buy things for the kids. Don't get me wrong, I love giving gifts, but only if I have an unlimited bank account :)  So making our buying list shorter takes the stress down a notch ;)

And lastly having some red wine. Yep, takes it down a huge notch at the end of the evening.

How do you de-stress?