Sunday, March 9, 2014

One Tired Momma Beauty Help

I am venturing off today and doing a beauty product post! Fun fun.  I know, not my normal topic, but I just had to brag about a couple of products that've been helping this tired momma look somewhat awake.

After having 2 children, my face has aged like crazy from lack of sleep.  From babies not sleeping through the night to not enough hours in the day.  I vow to go to bed early every night, but we all know once the kids go to bed, it's a race to get stuff done around the house and actually have some 'me' time and next thing you know, it's 12am and you are getting to bed. And then I wake up at 6:30am to start all over again and think to myself, "I don't know if I can make it through today."
Ever have that feeling?  Caffeine is my new best friend.  But I am also so excited about a couple of beauty products I found that helps me look alive AND are super fast to apply.

The first one is a great eye concealer.  I had been searching and searching for a great concealer to get rid of my dark circles.  I was finding that most looked good on me the first hour, and then a few hours later, I'd go to the bathroom and glance in the mirror and gasp in horror at the sight. The concealer always seemed to wedge into my fine lines and make them look 10 X worse.  Ugh, not the results I was looking for. Plus they required an extra makeup brush to put it on around my eye area, which takes too much time in the morning with 2 children clawing at your legs.

That's why I was so excited to come across this amazing concealer and brush-in-one.  The Maybelline Dark Circle Instant Age Rewind tool (5.50$):

See that little sponge brush at the top? LOVE it.

You just twist the dial, and the formula moves into the brush and then just dab it on.  It literally takes 3 seconds top.  SO sooo easy and the formula is not heavy, so it goes on well and doesn't settle into fine lines! It's almost like a light tinted moisturizer.  It's a double bonus for me because I can't believe you can put it on so easy AND it's the first eye product that doesn't age me. And no, I was not compensated for bragging about this stuff, it's just that good :)

Here is a photo of the Maybelline Dark Circle concealer with one eye done and one without and NO other makeup on either so don't judge! (Left side no concealer, right side has the concealer:  See how it takes away the pink and inner eye darkness and covers up my crows feet?)  It lasts all day too!

And my second favorite product that helps open my eyes and doesn't make me look like zombie is L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara (7$).

I have tried sooo many mascaras because I have blonde eye lashes and mascara is a must for me. If there is any makeup I have to put on before I leave the house, it's mascara. See below, amazing huh?

See what I mean about my blonde eyelashes making me look super tired?  This is why this formula is magic.

Sometimes I try new mascaras that people rave about, but I always come back to this one!  It is the bomb. The formula is amazing and the brush works well.  It really does make my eye lashes have extra volume and I hope they never take this off the shelves!  Or I really be one tired and angry momma :)


  1. Wow that looks so easy and can't wait to try. Have you used those new mascara's with those fiber bristles? They do really well on me.

    1. Yes, I have used the Too Faced one and Benefit's and I like how they look on me, but I don't like how they leave little fibers on your eyes and are impossible to take off. I like the old fashioned formulas.

  2. I love Voluminous and also the Double Extend by L'Oreal. It puts these "tubes" on your lashes that wipe away with just water!