Monday, October 6, 2014

Pre K School Woes

Sorry about not posting anything in awhile. I was really enjoying my free time with my girls over the summer and was being super lazy.  I loved waking up in the morning and having nothing planned.  No rushing to be at school or a class, because for those that know, getting out the door on time with 2 preschoolers is a task for an army team! I loved that we were free to go and do whatever we wanted this Summer. Visiting the library, going to indoor play areas, play dates, swimming pools, kid movies, etc.

And now?  Geesh, where do I start? If I didn't have time to shower before, now I have no idea where I find the time.  I know, a little TMI, but my life is now a race ever since school started.

Which has made me really think about, or should I say 'dreading' the whole 5 day a week PreK programs that many schools are doing including mine. Yes, I know children need the educational and social stimulation of preschool, not to mention that moms need a break to go to the grocery store alone without toddlers screaming.

But with my first born going to a school that only has a 5 day a week option, I am having major mom mourning.  Like I am sending my child off to Kinder a year early!  As a stay at home mom family, we have made sacrifices so that I can stay at home with my girls and spend the first years before Kindergarten with them.  Seriously, they are 4 years old, why do they need to go 5 days?

Yes, I know, seasoned moms have told me that they need 5 days, because Kindergarten is crazy busy and exhausting.  That kids will get home at 3pm and crash in bed by 6pm, so if they go 4-5 days a week for PreK, it is easier for them to prepare.

So it's been 1 month now and my child is definitely exhausted. She cries when she wakes up, whines on the way home and before bed? Let's just say she is going to bed at 7pm which is early for her. By Friday, the poor girl is so tired she takes a nap during 'rest' time and also naps on the weekends to catch up.  She LOVES her school and wants to go every day, but a part of me is really having a hard time with it. Sigh.

I am planning to take her out one day a week, sometimes with her sister so we can all be together and other days when her sister is in school so we can have some 'alone' time.  My daughter is having a major jealousy issue now with her baby sister too, like saying "I want her to go back into your tummy!" So, let's just say spending one on one with her while I still can is important to me- before she is considered truant in Kinder :)


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