Monday, June 1, 2015

City Select Deal!

I rarely post deals on goods for kids but this one was too good to not tell you about! As you know, I test drove A LOT of double strollers when I was pregnant with my second.  The Baby Jogger City Select was my first choice as it holds up well, is durable, but still large and super sturdy.  It's like an all terrain stroller that is a few steps shy of a Bob jogger.  I love how you can change up the seats to like 16 positions and can use as a single stroller if you just have 1 kid with you.  And you can fit through cars, shopping aisles, etc much easier than a side by side stroller.

Right now on Stroller Depot it is going for 489$!!  It normally is close to 800$ with both seats!  Click here for the deal, it probably will sell out soon!

I also bought the glider board for my older child to ride on when we are at places where she can hop on and off.  For those with more than 2 kids, this is also the perfect option!

To see my past full review for the stroller, click here.  Happy shopping!


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