Saturday, October 10, 2015

Real Life

Last time I blogged was super forever ago.  It seems like each time I have a free moment to sit down and blog, something comes up. Why did I have more time when I had a newborn than now?  Oh yeah, I had one child back then, and newborns sleep more (not a long time but more often), and no school activities, after school activities and family life planning for four!

So fast forward and now we are in Month 2 of Kindergarten and Preschool.  My Kinder girl is doing great at her half-day program and I am so glad we went this route. When I pick her up from school, she is super excited and thrilled about her school and not overly exhausted and stressed.  I am so impressed with all she has learned so far in school too, in such a short amount of time.  Kinder is much more focused, so I try to get her to relax a little when we get home for lunch by watching TV. I know, not the best, but hey she zones out and totally needs that after a rigorous morning at school. She has a hard time relaxing on her own, even though we have tried to model and practice relaxing tips like yoga and reading.  But hey, this momma relaxes by watching TV after the kids go to bed so no biggie right? We all need a little down time ;)

As for my second born, she is doing great in preschool but so far her eating habits have not been so great.  After all of my food and diet research and book reading, I have figured out that the no praise or reward chart and baby led feeding styles are just not working for her.  She's been going to a feeding specialist lately and we have decided that obviously every child is different and we are now going on the reward chart path. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

And as far as parenting these days, I am so glad my 5 year old is off camping this weekend with her dad and Adventure YMCA Princess.  My 2 girls need some time apart.  Heck, no one should spend most of their lives in close quarters  My girls get along for the most part and play well together but daily I constantly hear, " It's my turn!"  "Don't take that away from me!"  "I had it first!"  "It's miiiine!"  "Don't touch me!"  The list goes on and on but believe me, life has been a little more blissful for Belle and I to hang together solo this weekend.  Plus it's nice to have some quality one on one time with each child.  I still try to have little play therapy (filial) sessions with my girls and know how important 'special time' is with each one. My girls always talk about "special time with mommy" and get so excited when I tell them it's their turn, whether it's an outing, play time, etc.

Speaking of 'special time' I also have to mention how important it is for mommas to get out and have time alone without their kids too!!  Whether you are a working mom outside the home or a working stay at home mom, having special non-work time with friends is important. Or even going to a movie alone counts.  Just having adult time is great for the soul and your kids and marriage.  I know couples who go out once a week on date nights, and moms who have social girls' nights once a week or more, and then I know of couples or moms who don't go out. Ever.  I think a happy in-between is super important.  So find a babysitter, or get your partner on board to babysit at night so you can get out and have fun, even if it is just a solo movie or trip to Starbucks.  For example, this week I had a birthday party dinner for a friend and then we all went to a foot massage place at 9pm on a Friday night. Pure bliss!!

So that's it folks, just a recap of a month into school life. I will post my Fall and Halloween stuff soon (which is now becoming my favorite season!)


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