Monday, November 30, 2015

Christmas and Holiday Books and Movies for Kids

It's my favorite season and time of year! And being a book lover, I am ADDICTED to holiday books for my kids. I think I have a whole library I could card catalog for them.  And I have already gotten out our traditional holiday DVD's and started DVR'ing our faves.  I compiled a list of our family's most favorites for young children and if you have any more you want to add, leave them in the comments section.  Happy shopping and reading (and tv watching)!

Christmas and Holiday Board Books: 
1) Clifford's First Christmas (6.99)

2) Doc McStuffins Jingle Bell Doc  (5.70$)

 4) Christmas in the Manger (6.27$)

Christmas Books (Hardcover and Paperback):

2)  Disney Christmas Storybook Collection (13$)

 3) The Christmas Party (Disney Frozen) (4.50$)

4)  Olive, the Other Reindeer

 5) The Sweet Smell of Christmas (Scented Storybook)  (5.35)  Scratch and Sniff!! I had this book as a child and loved it!

6) The Night Before the Night Before Christmas (2.76). We love this author and her series and especially this one! It's a funny twist to the original tale.

7) Latke, the Lucky Dog (Hanukkah) (7.95$). My girls love this book! It's such a cute story of a stray dog adopted by a family who makes messes as he gets house trained.  It's a cute way to explain what Hanukkah is all about.

Movies and TV Shows:

1) Elf on the Shelf DVD! A must in our house. So far my girls have asked to watch this 5 times and it's November 30th.
(9.99)An Elf's Story DVD  

2) Charlie Brown Christmas 50th Anniversary, A: Deluxe Edition  (7.69$) We love this classic show!

3) The How the Grinch Stole Christmas (the 1966 version).  This DVD can be pricey so look on your local channels and DVR it!  We have it scheduled to come on TV on December 2nd.

 4) Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and Frosty!! (16.80$)  The Original Christmas Classics Gift Set can get you Frosty and Santa along with Rudolph.  We love these classic movies!

 5) The Polar Express (6.99).  We go to the Grapevine Polar Express each year and love watching the movie before we go.  My girls now love sleigh bells!

There ya have it! My list of our faves. Of course there are a TON more out there, so leave your most favorite books and shows in the comments section.


  1. Right now my kids love watching the Curious George Christmas on Netflix.