Sunday, November 8, 2015

Worry Eaters

Since the holidays are right around the corner, I figured I would post a new 'counselor' toy that looks absolutely adorable.  AND can help with anxious kids.  It's called a Worry Eater.

Isn't it cute?  They actually have several options, these are just a few:

How does it work?

Have your child write down, or draw their worries on a piece of paper, then put it in their mouth and zip it up.  The character is supposed to 'eat' their worries and help them go away.  As a parent, you can also do it along with your child and discuss the problem(s) with them. Or it can be something they do by themselves.  Just the act alone of writing our troubles down (or drawing them) can bring relief!  And what child doesn't have a worry or two?

With my oldest starting Kindergarten this year, I have had a lot of parents ask for referrals for a play therapist for their anxious child. It seems to be pretty common at this age to start having a lot of worries. Kids start noticing things more and wondering why things happen, so it brings on more worry.  Having your child express them, rather than keeping troubles to themselves, can help.  When kids don't have a chance to express their worries and fears, it can come out in other ways such as aggression, tummy aches, constipation, irritability, wetting the bed, inattention, nightmares, etc.

And having a child sleep with the Worry Eater or talking to it before bedtime, or having it for nighttime prayers is such a good idea to help them sleep at night too.  Almost like a dream catcher!

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