Monday, August 8, 2016

Back to School

Can you believe the summer is almost over??  I feel like it just started, and we had all of this free lazy time to do what we wanted and not wake up and rush out of the house.  But now it's time to get ready to go back to school. Whaat?

And if you are like me and procrastinate, then you are just in time for my list of supplies for kids. Here are a few of my favorites:

1) Lunch Boxes.  Gone are the days of the metal pails and thermos containers that you could pick up at any grocery store.  Ha, I still have my old Pigs In Space Muppets lunchbox.  Such a classic and so hard to purge that one.

But now lunch boxes have gone all fancy with Bento boxes and BPA free plastics.  It's seriously ridiculous and expensive, but I have jumped on it and love the PlanetBox brand of stainless steel.

Planet Box:

My favorite is the Rover, but you can click here and look at all the sizes and options.  It holds EVERYTHING!  You know, like that stick of string cheese that you can't find room for anywhere and don't know where to put it?

And I love how you get a choice of background magnets to put in it.

Now the not so fun part, it's 55.99$ and that does NOT include the lunch box bag that it goes inside. You don't have to order the 14$ lunchbox, but it is a large shape and most store-bought zipper lunch bags don't hold it.  But it will last forever and you HAVE to check out this link of tons of ideas of what to put inside for lunches. Right now they are having a Back to School Special, 10% off using code: 3Box10!!

Yumbox:  This is my second favorite and love that it is spill proof. So when I pack baby carrots, I know I can pour in the ranch dressing in the little bowl and it won't spill out of it.  These you can get on Amazon for 29.99$.

2. Backpacks:
This is a somewhat easy one. I just ask my kids what they want on their backpacks and we find them usually on Amazon.  This year my girls wanted Frozen and Paw Patrol.  I also make sure there are cup holders on each side for their water bottles and separate compartments for pens and supplies. Click here for the whole Nickelodeon supply of backpacks.

Here is the one we ordered that comes with a lunchbox and pencils:

And for your Disney kids, here are a few including Lion Guard, Frozen and the new Elena show.

And of course, there is always the classic Pottery Barn Kids backpacks.  The Mackenzie style have adjustable straps, some with rollers, and are made water-resistant.  You can also order in 4 different sizes.

You can also personalize them with your child's name. My favorite, but did not win over my child (maybe I can still order and secretly stash it away), was the unicorn one! Love me some unicorns!

3) Water Bottles:
My favorite ones are the Thermos brand because they keep their water cold all day! Almost as good as Corksicle and Yeti brands for grown-ups.  You can order on Amazon from 12$-17$ depending on which one you choose.  They have about 40 different ones to pick:

4) School Supplies: 
This was my favorite part of back to school. Going shopping for school supplies!! I still remember going to Target and picking everything out. I was obsessed. But alas Amazon has come along and you can now purchase grade packs for everything you need online.  This one below is for 1st and 2nd grade:

But if you are going to Target, right now they are having a special where you get 5$ back if you spend 30$, and a 10$ gift card if you spend 100$.

My favorite supply this year are the smelly crayons from Mr. Sketch! 9.99$ on Amazon :)

5)  Back to School Sign. We ordered this one last year for my Kinder girl and love it! Etsy does such a great job with so many choices.

6)  Books: My favorite "The Night Before" series has them for preschool, kinder, and 1st grade

I also love First Day Jitters for 6.99$ which you can use for ANY grade or age.

7) Planners:  Now this can be for your older student, and it is a MUST for all moms. I used to love my school planners as a kid. (If only it helped me actually earn straight A's, ha!).  But I loved choosing mine each year and would spend hours in the stores trying to find the best one. Hello Container Store 1991!  And yes, I still use my iPhone calendars but also love my paper Erin Condren one.  If you haven't jumped on this brand yet, you are missing out!  Click here and see all of the options, cover choices, etc.

Well, that's it for this year. Now I need to start ordering!