Friday, March 20, 2020

At Home In-Door Activities/Classes for Kids and Grown-Ups

Being stuck inside can feel like cabin fever! Not to mention kids going crazy since they need that recess time they are missing out on.  And adults too, all the baking and stress-eating!

If it's raining and the kids can't get outside, or you are missing your gym/pilates/yoga studio time.  Here are a few resources I found to help:


1) Indoor trampoline: My kids love jumping on this!  It helps get the wiggles out and good exercise (for grown-ups too).

2) Jump rope:  These are great for kids to get energy out and fun! 

3) Cosmic Yoga: We've been watching her for a few years now and love her funny animations.

4) PE Classes: If you search on You Tube there are a bunch of PE exercise videos for kids like this one, and also on Amazon. Also, ContiFIT  : They are starting 30 minute LIVE PE

5) Yoga for kids with Adriene. She mostly does adults but does a few children ones.. We watch the bedtime one before bed, and is really calming.


1) Yoga with Adriene.  I love her yoga segments. She has a ton to chose from on You Tube and right now has a 30 day option (and lots of others)  here

2) Heather Robertson has a great free You Tube channel with a ton of workout videos, mostly HIIT style with weights or without. Click here

3) Core Power Yoga is offering free On-Demand classes at home here

4) Orange Theory is also offering free classes here

5) Dance your thing? This NYC studio, Dance 305 Fitness, is offering fun hip hop style dance cardio classes here on You Tube.

Hope this list helps us all get through the next few weeks.  Let me know if you have any other links or suggestions in the comments.


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