Monday, March 23, 2020

Online Resources and Activities for Kids during Coronavirus-19

Okay, so it's day 1 for us new homeschoolers, back from our so-called 'Spring Break', whew!  Last week was something out of a science fiction novel, but we survived and I am staying positive, trying to enjoy the stress-free week of not running around to school, activities and the 'hurrying' that we do on a daily basis!  I've found a few fun online sites to help us all navigate the coming weeks we are all out of school!

Also, scroll down to the bottom and you will see a great schedule a homeschool mom posted on Facebook, makes it feel a lot better at this homeschool thing....

Storytime:  A few ideas for kids to listen to stories online

1) Josh Gad (Olaf) reading storybooks to kids on Twitter here

2) Brightly Storytime is reading books to children on You Tube here

3) Audible is having free access to books so kids to listen to stores, click here!

Art Lessons: These are all great art activities for kids of all ages

1) Mo Willems (author of Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus! and Piggie and Gerald stories) does doodling lessons here:

2) Children's Author and Illustrator has drawing classes here: (For older kids)

3) McHarper Manor has art lessons daily on YouTube here from watercolors, painting a sloth and clay/play-doh

4) How to draw cartoons with How to Toon here

5) Boca Raton Museum of Art has some amazing art lessons you can download here

6) You can tour the MET of New York on a virtual tour here

7) The Art Institute of Chicago (Bueller anyone?) has a lot of paintings you can visit online here!

8) Raising Wonder is offering daily art activities. Last week she did one on building a town and art lessons for drawing people, buildings, planets, etc. and this week she is making puppets!

Music and Lessons:

1) Music classes with Jam with Jamie here

2) Union Square is offering music videos for young children and lessons as well here

3) Broadway is showing 15 musicals for free here from Cats, Peter Pan and Newsies!


1)  Scholastic Books is offering a lot of at home learning resources and videos grouped by grade level here and they have some really cool ones put together!

2) This one is a little overwhelming as there is A LOT of resources listed, but a great thorough list!
This You Tube page has a list of resources for different ages, all put together here for the CVirus-19

3) Tinkergarten is offering free DIY crafts and activities here.  You have to sign up with your email address first.

4) Crash Course has a lot of videos on STEM and History lessons here

5) Want a virtual tour of National Parks?  Click here for an amazing view

1) Can't get to Disney World, click in the post of virtual rides your kids can watch and pretend they are really on them here

2) Amazon Prime is offering free streaming of kids videos here

Any other great resources, feel free to share!


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