Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Family Movie Nights

If you've been searching for more and more family movies, like we have, I found a great list!  I also  I ordered some movie supplies from Amazon (see below) and some free printables online to have a fun movie night with the kids last week.

As far as movies go, it's always good to take your child's sensitivities into consideration. Some kids can handle certain scenes better than others, so you can always check Common Sense Media for reviews.  And for all of the beloved 80's movies, I've realized a lot have bad words or words like (ass) in them and are still rated PG :).

Family Movies:

A League of the Own
Akeelah and the Bee
Alexander and the Terrible, No good, Very Bad Day
Annie (original)
Blue Velvet
Bridge to Tarabitha
Charlotte’s Web
Cheaper by the Dozen 1,2
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
Cinderella (new one)
Cool Runnings
Cops and Robertsons
Crocodile Hunter

Curly Sue
Decendants (Disney)
Despicable Me 1,2
Dolphin Tale
Dr. Doolittle (original)
Enders Game
Escape to Witch Mountain
Evan Almighty
Facing the Giants
Father of the Bride
Finding Nemo
Flight of the Navigator
Flubber (original)
Forever Strong
Free Willy 1-4
Harry Potter
Herbie the Love Bug (original)
Home Alone 1,2,3
Honey, I Shrunk the Kids
Indiana Jones
Into the Woods
Judy Moody
Karate Kid (original)
Kit Kitridge
Lego Movie
Little Giants
Little Rascals
Mary Poppins
McFarland USA
Mighty Ducks
Milo and Otis
Mr. Poppers Penguins
Mrs. Doubtfire
Nacho Libre
Nanny McFaddin
Nanny McPhee
Napoleon and Samantha
Napoleon Dynamite
National Treasure
National Treasure 2
Neverending Story
Night at the Museum 1,2 3
Nim’s Island
Operation Dumbo Drop
Parent Trap (original)
Patch Adams
Pee Wee’s Big Adventure
Polar Express
Princess Diaries (all)
Remember the Titans
Richie Rich
Rookie of the Year
Savannah Smiles
Sharkboy and Lava Girl
Shirley Temple
Sound of Music
Spy Kids
Stand By Me
Star Wars
Swiss Family Robinson
Teen Beach Movie 1,2
The Apple Dumpling Gang
The Big Green
The Blindside
The ButterCream Gang
The Computer Who Wore Tennis Shoes
The Gameplan
The Goonies
The Librarian (series with Noah Wyle)
The Mask
The Odd Life of Timothy Green
The Pacifier
The Perfect Game
The Princess Bride
The Rookie
The Sandlot
The Way to School (on Netflix)
Tooth Fairy
Toy Story
Watcher in the Woods
Who Framed Roger Rabbit
Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken
Willy Wonka
Wizard of Oz
Wreck it Ralph
Yours, Mind and Ours

Here are some fun popcorn boxes to buy:

And you can order fun Movie Candy here

Anyone have a favorite movie to watch with your kids??