Saturday, January 16, 2021

January 2021, Diet Resolutions??

So with the Coronavirus still affecting our daily lives, going to a regular gym and living my previous active lifestyle is not happening.  I feel sluggish on a daily basis and have a few extra pounds to loose.  And that post pregnancy weight loss/gain struggle is real! I still feel like I am forever trying to get back to that pre-pregnancy weight!

But after researching and trying several diets/lifestyle changes over the past few years, they have left me feeling even more confused.  I have tried so many different diets and none of them seem to work, except going to bed hungry on some 1200 calorie diet, which is not something I want to do. Sigh, getting older as a woman is tough!

So here are the ones I have tried.... 


Whole 30 (which says it's not supposed to be a weight loss diet), tells you to eat only fresh fruits, vegetables and grass fed meats, organic fish/chicken.  No grains, no dairy, no corn, no peanuts, no sugar and basically no processed foods.

Keto is all about eating healthy fats, oils, avocados and dairy, but it is a short term diet as living in ketosis for a long time just doesn't seem good for you.

There's Carb Cycling where you eat low carb most days and eat high healthy fats for 2 days out of the week.  It's counting carbs, micros and macros. It's good to train your body to change it up, because doing the same thing daily your body gets used to it and the scale won't budge.  But this involves a lot of counting on My Fitness Pal or Lose it


Code Red

is a lot like Whole 30, but drinking a gallon of water a day, and stop eating at 6:30pm.

Weight Watchers on Purple, you can have all the fruit and veggies you want (zero points), and you can have whole grains such as brown rice, and oatmeal (also zero points).  Basically all the healthy foods are low points and obviously a donut will be 10 points!

Blood Type Diet 

has researched all of the blood types and which ones work best with different foods.  It is fascinating research and makes a lot of sense.  Type O was the first one and is better suited for the paleo lifestyle but Type A came during a change in agriculture times, and is mostly vegetarian.  I am type A, so hearing I had to cut out coconut, corn, dairy, peppers and sweet potatoes was hard! It also says for Type A I need to stop doing HIIT and cardio and do yoga and Tai Chi?  

This has left me feeling so confused!  Most tell you no to dairy, and grains are hard for most to digest.  But what is the answer? Stop doing HIIT workouts with weights? But I thought weight training was good for females?  Do I eat full fat like avocados or will they make me gain weight, even though it's a good fat? Do I eat almond flour tortillas and chips?  

I sometimes feel like going back to my old lifestyle before I had kids, eating Taco Bell and having raisin bran for breakfast.


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